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Automation isn't an all-or-nothing approach with BrightReps.

Have you ever been frustrated by envisioning a future-state process that never became reality? BrightReps is a progressive automation product. You can start with your existing process, and begin collecting data on how it's being used across your team today. Our built-in analytics & feedback engine allow you to continuously refine it from there, while our library of pre-built integrations makes it easy to start automating specific steps. When you're ready, use powerful conditional triggers to run your workflows automatically.

Design your team's process with our drag-and-drop, no-code workflow builder
Deploy to your team where they work, with our CRM apps & browser extensions
Automate individual steps from Sidekick or entire workflows from Workboard, it's up to you

You'll be in good company.

A powerful suite of integrations to help you build fast and functional workflows. BrightReps is perfect for process of almost any kind.

Faster, smoother onboarding

New hires?
No problem.

Are new hires able to provide your customers with the same experience as a tenured rep as they toggle between multiple unfamiliar applications? With our app, new hires inherit the same workflow their team has been iterating and improving on. Result: customer experience is consistent and the learning curve is shallower.
Empower your team

Don't let process be a burden.

Keep your team engaged by adding automated steps into their workflow, which save up to 90% time on manual tasks. Collect feedback in real-time on each process step, and use that to continually make it better. New versions are instantly accessible across all users, wherever they work.
Automation that works for your business

Not one size fits all.

Every company is different, and not every process should be automated. We believe that teams should be able to run their manual process alongside their automated ones. If a step makes sense to automate, do it. If not, let your team handle it in the way only they can. We give you the building blocks for a process automation mix that is uniquely yours.

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