BrightReps works where you work.

Zendesk App
Zendesk App
Zendesk App
Zendesk App
Zendesk App
Designed to help you build, run, and automate your company’s business processes.


  • Embeds into your CRM or wherever you work
  • Run any process you design without leaving the browser tab
  • Automatically collect analytics data on how processes are used across teams


  • Still tracking information on spreadsheets? Try Workboard instead
  • Automatically update values as changes occur in other systems
  • Batch run workflows across hundreds of records at once
Process Builder

Bring your static process to life.

  • Convert your static flow charts and process documents into a living document
  • Add CRM- and other app-integrated steps with our drag-and-drop builder
  • Roll out process changes to your team by simply updating the workflow
BrightReps Sidekick

Autopilot for your team.

  • Step-by-step guidance within a CRM Ticket, Case or any other place you work
  • Eliminate manual copy/paste and browser tab toggling with powerful automations
  • Effortlessly collect data and feedback to continuously improve your process
BrightReps Workboard

Replace your spreadsheets.

  • Turn your spreadsheets into scalable auto-updating workspaces for your team
  • Design specific, actionable views using criteria across all your other systems
  • Run workflows in batches across hundreds of records or automatically based on triggers
A feature overview

Tons of great features.

Powerful knowledge base
All your processes documented and easily accessible and updatable.
Agent scripting
Step-by-step instructions for your support teams.
Process analytics and dashboards
Understand what’s working well and what’s not in your business’s processes.
Works with your CRM
Apps and integrations for Zendesk, Salesforce, and Freshdesk.
User groups
Teams with different needs? Control which groups can access which workflows.
Top-notch support
Run into trouble? Don't fret, our friendly support staff have you covered.

Effortless onboarding.
Powerful automation.
Accelerated processes for everyone.